The terms and conditions mentioned are general for availing services and purchasing products through VgroomU. Some terms and conditions are appended or modified from time to time for specific services, advertisements and beauty products. This terms and conditions can be modified after specific duration without any prior intimation. The customer needs to check terms and conditions on website and applications of VgroomU from time to time regarding services and products. It is assumed that the customer has read all the terms and conditions before availing any services and purchasing of beauty products through VgroomU.


  • Customer needs to book an appointment through VgroomU (Website or Application) before visiting VgroomU partner Salon.
  • Appointments can remain on hold for 10 Minutes before prescribed booked time. In case non availability of customer within 10 minutes of appointment, it will be treated as cancelled.
  • We are always delighted to reschedule your appointment with prior notice as per available free slots.


  • VgroomU has right to accept or refuse any specific service or purchase of beauty product which is violating rules and regulations of VgroomU. VgroomU also holds the right not to accept the services which may be unsafe or not suitable to customers regarding medical or physical or hygienic conditions.
  • Customer needs to give prior intimation to VgroomU or at respective salon regarding the medical or physical or hygienic conditions if any before availing the services.
  • Salon staff has the right to reject service to any customer on misbehaviour conditions. Salon staff has right to stop or reject the service of customer due to physical or verbal abuse.
  • Customer can avail extra salon services other than booked, provided he/she has booked or slot is free for specific services through VgroomU platform.
  • The service of customer is rejected and Non Refunded if there is any misconduct through verbal or physical abuse without any notice. Rejection right remains with salon staff.


  • Customer is always recommended to take patch test of all the products which will be used before taking actual service to be safe for the customer skin.
  • If any beauty product is allergic or not suitable for customer, he/she needs to notify it salon staff and recommended to take medical consultations from doctor.
  • Some services are not suitable to specific customers. So it is recommended to avoid it by notifying it to salon staff before actual service. Any such miscommunication will not be accepted on any grounds.
  • If a customer is pregnant or very old (Age 60 Years above) he/she needs to notify it to salon staff for comfort and hassle free service. It is requested to take medical expert advice before availing any services.
  • Please fill the declaration form if recommended by salon staff to best of your knowledge to give proper, comfortable service with accurate medical consultation.


  • The prices of services mentioned on VgroomU are exclusive and can be modified from time to time without any prior intimation.
  • The tax will be charged as per norms for any services mentioned for home services or product delivery.


  • Safety of valuables of customers is the sole responsibility of customer. No any claims can be made in case of misplaced or theft or damage regarding it by customer.
  • Give your valuables feedback regarding any such incident occurred to Salon owner/ Manager to serve you better and avoid future incidents.
  • VgroomU priority gives excellent service in terms of health / hygine/ comfort to our customers. VgroomU is not liable for claims made by customer for any unconditional or nature calamity incident occurred at Salon.


  • VgroomU follows “No Refund Policy”. If in case for not satisfactory service customer can register a complaint on within 30 minutes of service completion.
  • VgroomU reserve the right not to accept complaint from customer made after 30 minutes of actual service. The complaint made by customer after 30 minutes of actual service is not accepted and is automatically rejected.
  • The service call or message will be communicated to customer on registered mobile number within 48 hrs of complaint registered at our portal.


  • Vouchers/ Coupons/ Gift cards will be given to customers by VgroomU as per the norms made from time to time.
  • Vouchers/ Coupons/ Gift cards will not be converted to cash or transfer of money at any conditioned. It will be used for the upcoming service availed by customers through VgroomU platform only.
  • To become a member of VgroomU you can avail extra benefits in salon services. To become member visit website
  • Terms and conditions will be liable in addition to the general terms and conditions made for specific offers on services.
  • Offers made will not be converted or exchanged with any services. Offers are strictly made for specific service only.
  • Offers made for services cannot be combined.
  • VgroomU can modify or withdraw any offer made without any prior notice.


  • VgroomU accepts payments made in through Cash/ Credit/ Debit Card/ Paytm/ Bhim/ Googlepay / Visa/ Mastercard services.
  • Bill Invoice of service availed will be send through SMS on registered mobile number. No any Physical bill will be provided at Salon or by VgroomU.
  • In any case Bill Invoice is not received at registered mobile number within 24 Hrs of payment ,write to us on
  • You can only claim bill Invoice, if you have registered with valid mobile number and email id on website or application.


  • Customers need to provide valid information for registration on website and application.
  • All Personal Information/ Sensitive personal data provided by customer during registration on website or application will be confidential .It will not be shared with any other firm or identity in any case. It can be stored for future communication of services and product marketing.
  • Customer can stop the promotional information sent by sending STOP message on mobile number:+919145694434


  • Customers can email us or write a query/ complaint/ Feedback at